MICON Barbed Wires are an inexpensive fencing solution. Barbed wire finds its use extensively in agriculture, animal husbandry and industrial applications amongst others. MICON Barbed Wires are of superior quality due to their heavy zinc coating making them largely rust proof. The barbs on MICON Barbed Wires are sharper and closer.

Thickness of Zinc Coating Wire Gauge Length Per KG Bard Distance Bard Length
100,60,30 GSM 12X12 2.65MM X 2.65MM 18 Approximately 3-4 inches Approximately 1.5-2 inches
100,60,30 GSM 12X14 2.65MM X 2.00MM 26
100,60,30 GSM 14X14 2.00MM X 2.00MM 36
Barbed Wires are sold in bundles. Each bundle weighing app 25kgs.
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